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 Welcome to Motor-King

Motor-King products have been serving the automotive aftermarket industry since 1995 as a marketer and distributor of quality replacement auto parts. Located in South Florida and with warehouses in Southeast Asia, we can cater to both domestic and international customers. We are a fast growing, family-owned and operated business with a set vision; Offer premium quality automotive components that customers can trust. All too often we see our competitors offering over-priced yet low quality products by cutting corners and skimping on details. Hence, we foresee a great market demand for a high quality auto parts that can be trusted.

When the MotorKing brand was created, it became the first brand in the US to offer a large assortment of aftermarket door handles for the Toyota Camry. Even until today, our company still has the largest selection of  colors available for the 1992-2001 Toyota Camry interior and exterior door handles. We continue to search for new and unique products to meet the high demands in the automotive parts industry. Here are some of our products: